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Truck Mounted

Units available in 40, 130, and 200-gallon sizes, with easy to follow instructions for mounting to your truck. Easy, safe use for all your needs.

Truck Mounted

Key Benefits

• Precise control of spray volume and pressure from a positive displacement gear pump and adjustable pressure relief.
• Even mixing and heating of oil from a recirculation system that minimizes asphaltic buildup.
• Four pass heating coils.
• Two 10-foot hoses with fittings for attachment to truck engine cooling system.
• Non-pressurized tank eliminates danger of explosion or sudden pressure release during filling.
• Fast cleanup using efficient solvent flushing system that cleans the pump, plumbing, hose, and spray wand.

Model Specifications and Options

See the pdf file with your unit for the correct model specification & options that you want to add.

Truck Mount Specifications

*Not in compliance with D.O.T. requirements for use with flammable materials with flash points below 100°F