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SurSeal SCM300

Self Propelled Seal Coating Machine


Key Benefits

• 300-gallon capacity
• 24 bhp electric start engine
• Optional 38 bhp electric start engine
• Dual rear wheel hydrostatic drive
• Dual front wheel triangulated power steering
• Hydraulic agitation
• Hydraulic actuated squeegee frame: up, down, cantilever left, right, and float
• 0-7 mph on level ground
• Grades up to 20%
• Fail safe braking system
• Hydrostatic transmission rated for 50 hp
• Emergency stop button
• 19-gallon water tanks with electric pump. Front mounted with adjustable nozzles.
• 9 gauge wheels with 20.5×8.0 tires rate for 1535 @90 psi


See the pdf file with your unit for the correct model specifications and options that you want to add to your unit.

SCM300 Specifications