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Water distributor truck bodies

Diamond Steel’s reputation for engineering, design, and exceptional quality will provide you a water distributor truck body with superior performance, dependability, and years of service.

Whatever your need: dust control, earth compaction, ground cover watering, or fire fighting; there is a Hydra-Haul to fit your budget and requirements. The selection of model, system, and options make it easy to design the water distributor body that is right for you.


Key Benefits

• Self-contained, heavy duty construction provides powerful, smooth, quiet, leak-free performance and an aesthetic design.
• Twenty tank capacities to choose from, including low-profile and compact high-profile designs.
• Many water pumping and power systems to choose from, including the standard transmission hydraulic drive with full range water pump speed throttle control.
• Seventeen cataloged options, plus special features designed to meet your requirements.
• Installed units painted and ready-to-roll. Uninstalled units are prime painted and ready to be installed on your truck chassis.



• Tank capacities from 1,370 to 4,690 gallons with elliptical cross sections for low center of gravity, minimum side surge and greater strength. Rolled surfaces eliminate "oil canning" and fatigue cracking that occurs in flat sided or semi-rectangular tanks.
• Heavy duty A.S.T.M. grade A36 steel construction with reinforced bottoms. 7-gauge roll formed outer shell; 7-gauge roll flanged and semi-dished bulkheads and surge baffles; 3/16" x 12" full length double bottom bearing plates; 3/16" offset U-channel formed full length longitudinal tank sills; and tank end bolster supports.
• Heavy duty 12-gauge stainless steel Construktor type fenders with front and rear mud flaps.
• 20" diameter access dome at top enter with over center latch, gasketed and hinged lid, and 3" overflow vent standpipe or 24" x 36" double flanged splash proof open fill trough for fast overhead loading.
• 6" diameter suction sump with anti-vortex baffles.
• Stainless steel rear ladder, tank top handles and safety walk.
• Spring loaded telescopic tank mounts and vulcanized neoprene to steel cushion support between tank sills and truck frame.
• Tank body exterior prime coated and installed units are painted with two coats of one color premium quality automotive polyurethane.
• Lights and reflectors to comply with FMVSS #108.


• Duckbill street flushing nozzle with 3 plane adjustment and snap-joint clean out, mounted in place of fan head.
• 8" x 180° air operated adjustable gravity fan spray valve.
• Rim rewind hose reel with valve and 1" x 100′ or 1½" x 50′ hose.
• 2½" anti-siphon hydrant fill with 2½" NPTM thread.
• ½" tube type water level sight gauge with bottom valve.
• Sacrificial anodes or 304 stainless steel tank to help limit corrosion
• Electrically actuated front and side sprays, controlled from the cab.
• Legal load limit gauge.
• LED lighting.