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Hydraulic powered variable speed water pumping systems

The total pumping system designed for O.E.M’s, Do-It Yourself water trucks, street flusher builders and rebuilders. Hydra-Flo provides everything you need for a modern water pumping system with variable speed control.


Key Benefits

• Systems are engineered for your truck power train, this provides water pump speed control independent of the truck engine speed and allows starting and stopping of the water pump without P.T.O. shifting.
• Positive, shock-absorbing hydraulics eliminate lock-up shock damage to the water pump or your transmission.
• Drive line or auxiliary engine maintenance or security problems are eliminated.
• System kits include high-volume centrifugal or self-priming water pumps, adjustable water pressure bypass relief valve (eliminates water hammer and pump bearing damage), direct flange-mounted hydraulic motor with pump speed governor control, direct flange-mounted hydraulic pump with cab-mount pump speed control lever, and a 40-gallon oil reservoir with a wire braid suction hose and oil filter.
• Available Power-Take-Offs include: air shift; hot shift; and engine crankshaft direct drive.
• Easy to follow installation instructions and illustrations included with each kit.

Special Features

• High pressure, high volume centrifugal or self-priming water pump.
• 1 ½" ductile-iron adjustable water pressure bypass relief valve.
• High Torque hydraulic gear or variable piston motor flange mounted to water pump.
• Adjustable motor speed governor control.
• Hydraulic gear pump with adjustable oil pressure bypass relief valve, hydraulic throttle lever control for infinite motor speed adjustment, and direct flange mounted to the P.T.O.
• Heavy duty, single speed P.T.O. with pump mounting adapter and air or power shifter.
• 40-gallon hydraulic oil reservoir with 10 micron 50 GPM return line oil filter, suction hose, and fittings.