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The total spray system designed for water trucks and street flushers.

Hydra-Fan provides everything you need for a modern water spray system with leak-free, precise control. Easy to install yourself or have Diamond-bilt install it for you.


Key Benefits

• Fast acting remote water valves.
• Corrosion resistant stainless steel valve seats and vulcanized neoprene valve heads.
• Smooth pneumatic operation from truck air system.
• Normally closed valve design provides for air pressure opening and spring pressure closure.
• Normally open valve design provides air pressure closing with spring assist.
• Large selection of pressure fan spray valves, pressure street flusher valves, and nozzles.
• Pressure/gravity distributor bars available.
• Gravity fan spray valves, water pressure control valves, bolt-joint couplers for mounting, and headers available.
• Cab mounted pneumatic and electric controls.

Other Hydra-Fan Products

Our original normally closed water valve is extremely durable and reliable.
Application of air opens the valve and release of air pressure and spring close the valve.

The new normally open water valve helps eliminate water hammer. The valve remains open at 7-10 psi water pressure and application of air and spring pressure maintains the valve closure.

FS8G 8″ gravity fan spray
located in bottom rear of tank.
1/8″ x 20° duckbill nozzle
FH250-400 Fan Spray with UV3-NOP
Universal Water Valve with Adjustable Clamp Ring

SF3S20ACT remote actuated side spray or front street flusher.
Electric ball screw type linear actuator and double row ball bearing swivel to allow a total of 90° of movement.

10° duckbill nozzle—side spray