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Hydra-Control Consoles

State-of-the-art system controls for water trucks and street flushers. Water system Control consoles designed with your needs in mind
Diamond Steel works with you to design and build the custom console for your use and specific needs.


Key Benefits

• Easily installed adjacent to the driver’s seat in the truck cab for fingertip control of all hydraulic and water systems.
• Save time, effort and cost because all components come pre-assembled in an 18" high steel "Black Box" master control console.
• Each water valve has an individual air switch control, the electric over air console assures that the last valve off will automatically shut-off or relieve* the hydraulic system.
• Hydraulic throttle control lever for infinite variation of water pump speed (rpm). This allows water flow control and permits starting and stopping of water pump without in/out shifting of the P.T.O.
• Choice of air, electric-over-hydraulic or direct-drive P.T.O. control.
• Custom built to your specifications. The Hydra Water System Control Console will only have what you need … no more … no less.
• Call to speak with an engineer about your specific needs.

*Dependant on type of hydraulic pumping system.