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About Us

Diamond Steel’s reputation for engineering, design, and exceptional quality will provide you with superior performance, dependability, and years of service from your Diamond-bilt equipment.

Diamond Steel is a quality manufacturer of LIQUID ASPHALT and SLURRY EQUIPMENT, WATER TRUCKS, STREET FLUSHERS, and KITS, DE-ICING and MAGNESIUM-CHLORIDE SYSTEMS. Call for information on Water Trucks, Street Flushers, Kits, De-icing and Magnesium-Chloride systems.

Diamond Steel has been in business since 1918 with emphasis on quality and customer service. Our primary business is water and liquid asphalt distribution systems used in heavy construction, paving, logging, and the public works sectors.

There are two engineers on staff to help design equipment for your special needs. We have tried to incorporate the most commonly requested options into our standard equipment for your convenience. Our engineers will also assist you in writing specifications for bid purposes.