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230-Gallon unit

The 230-gallon Pave-Mate comes in Skid and Trailer Models with or without Distributor Bars. PM230S – Skid Unit, PM230SD – Skid Unit with Distributor Bar, PM230T – Trailer Unit, PM230TD – Trailer Unit with Distributor Bar.


Key Benefits

• Precise control of spray volume and pressure from a positive displacement gear pump and adjustable pressure relief.
• Even mixing and heating of oil from a recirculation system that minimizes asphaltic buildup.
• Selective lock-in/lock-out pattern adjustment and leak-free shutoff provided by heat-treated rotary distributor bar internal spray valve assemblies (only with distributor bar option).
• Non-pressurized tank eliminates danger of explosion or sudden pressure release during filling.
• Fast cleanup, using efficient solvent flushing system, that cleans the pump, plumbing, hose, spray wand and distributor bar.
• 12-volt DC LPG ignitor.
• 160 CC electric start engine is standard.
• 5′ light weight spray wand with end shutoff valve and recirculation feature with standard 25′ hose (50′ hose optional).
• Pump bonnet covering asphalt pump heated by both LPG and gas engine exhaust.

Model Specifications and Options

See the pdf file with your unit for the correct model specifications and options that you want to add.

PM230 Specifications

*Not in compliance with D.O.T. requirements for use with flammable materials with flash points below 100°F